Amazon might be planning to launch a new messaging app called Anytime, Inc. (AMZN) Testing A Messaging App Called Anytime

The company has begun surveying customers about the service, to determine which features are most important to users.

One customer suggested the survey implied the messaging service was a finished product. The entrance of Amazon in social media industry is definitely an alarm for other messaging app players. " According to the report, the messaging service will have voice, video calls, photos sharing ability, filters, masks, etc". Anytime will also include tasks that can be done in groups, like playing games, listening to music, and ordering food. What's more, the service is said to provide users with a way to connect directly with businesses and will enable them to "make reservations, check on orders, and even shop". According to the images taken from the survey, the service be secure and encrypted, and would work on a variety of desktop and mobile devices. For instance, the app will feature end-to-end encryption, audio/video calling support and stickers will also be part of the pack. The stand-alone messaging app is expected to be Android and iOS compatible however there has been no official comment by Amazon regarding the app's development as of yet.

Amazon's personal assistant Alexa may also be integrated in some shape or form. Further, it's believed that Anytime will let you reach your friends just by using their name (without the need of their phone numbers).

Last month it was reported that Slack, a corporate messaging and collaboration software startup, has received inquiries about a potential takeover from technology companies including

If successful, there's also plenty of advertising opportunity there, as Facebook has found with its Messenger service.



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