Akun Sabharwal postpones leave due to severity of drugs case

Akun Sabharwal postpones leave due to severity of drugs case

Tollywood, sobriquet for the Telugu film industry, is rattled by charges of drug consumption and abuse. "I will continue to monitor the probe into the drug scandal by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) even while on leave", he told the media.

The issue of drug abuse in Hyderabad and the south was highlighted when investigations proved that students in the area used LSD and over 1,000 students were said to be affected by this issue. Last week, the cops issued notices to students and colleges.

So, they immediately needed an excuse to diver the attention of people.

Enforcement director Dr Akun Sabharwal, who reviewed the case at his office here on Thursday, made a decision to call people from Tollywood for questioning in the case.

Navadeep, Nandu, Subbaraju spoke to the media and they have denied that they use the drugs.

Based on the information provided by those arrested, the department has summoned 12 persons, including some Tollywood personalities, seeking explanations on their alleged links with the drug-peddlers.

However, there were widespread speculations that Akun's leave at this critical juncture as a move by the government only to save some biggies involved in the scam. Other law enforcement agencies are also extending support. An hour later, he said he was going on leave to attend his late mother's ceremony. The MAA has also announced measures like conducting awareness camps and banning of those involved in drug peddling. The Movie Artists' Association (MAA) has already warned the industry personalities on this issue and film producer Allu Aravind called the entire incident rather unfortunate. "The Telugu film industry is a big family comprising around 30,000 men and women from different trades". We are sure that they would come out clean in this regard, it said. Again the media, both print and electronic, were flooded with repor.

Meanwhile, rumors are thick and fast that the government has asked commissioner Akun Sabharwal to go on leave. He said the leave was sanctioned two months ago but he decided not to proceed on leave in view of the importance of the case.



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