A woman with dementia went missing. Fortunately, she'd bottled her scent

Missing Florida woman found because she saved her scent with kit

A Florida woman who went missing was found by a police dog in about five minutes, after police found a jar that contained a sample of her scent.

These kits are also a more effective tool for K-9s to sniff out a missing person because the pads aren't contaminated with other scents.

Traditionally, sniffer dogs would take the scent of missing people from their pillows or items of clothing.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office received a call about a missing and endangered woman who had dementia who had been missing for about two hours, according to a Facebook post.

Police posted a photo of her scent kit, which was marked with the date January 19, 2015.

The sheriff's office said they "hope" more people will get scent preservation kits. It's understood that, if done correctly, a scent can remain in a jar for up to seven years after it's been sealed.

In a Facebook post, Citrus County Sheriff's Office said: "Do you have a SCENT PRESERVATION KIT?"

While in Australia, police were allowed to use dogs to detect drugs on people in public places and licensed venues like music festivals from 2001.

The unidentified woman was returned home and the dog was rewarded with a vanilla ice cream cone.