88th All-Star Game lacking for familiar faces

PHOTO: Bryce Harper's All-Star Game Cleats Are Incredible

It has always been assumed that Bryce Harper will take his talents to the New York Yankees when he hits the open market after the 2018 Major League Baseball season.

"Bryce Harper knew exactly what he was doing a couple of weeks ago in Washington when he hashtagged that Instragram picture of him and Las Vegas pal Kris Bryant, and their wives, with "#Back2BackOneDay".

It has Aaron Judge, just 25 and finding out what being a New York Yankee - and therefore a full-fledged, everyone-recognizes-him star - is all about. "You go there for three days, it's pretty insane and hectic and I want to go back home. It's a lot of fun", Harper said.

While I certainly don't see it as "bashing", I understand this will only further fuel the fire that is Harper pissing off Yankee fans.

In other noteworthy Harper news, the All-Star outfielder offered some thoughts on how to make the Midsummer Classic a bit more fun.

While speaking with the media ahead of All-Star activities, Harper said Braves and Mets fans were ruder.

Harper's idea isn't a revolutionary one in and of itself. "I have not met a more impressive young player coming into the National Football League in the time I have covered the National Football League". "There's a lot of talent on the west coast that maybe you don't see in NY or some of the big market", Kershaw said. For much of his career, the Nationals have gotten the best of the Phillies.

"I have not met a more impressive young player coming into the National Football League in the time that I have covered", Buck responded. They're easily going to be two faces of major league baseball. The 24-year-old Marlins ace's absence was felt at the All-Star festivities in Miami, but Bryce Harper honored Fernandez's memory on Tuesday night. Sure would have been nice to see Kershaw start for the NL and try to match Carl Hubbell's five straight strikeout performance in the 1934 ASG.

"I remember coming down here and the humidity just being stifling", Posey said of playing against the Hurricanes.

Harper responded to the controversy later with a jab at the fans, saying he hoped they didn't "throw any batteries at me".



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