Trump signs executive order on apprenticeships

Before signing the EO, President Trump said the objective of the order will be to "remov [e] federal restrictions that have prevented many different industries from creating apprenticeship programs".

Instead of starting with Labor Department regulations, the apprenticeships would be largely designed by industries looking to fill specific jobs.

"We are excited about working with the administration to help create more job and career opportunities in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry through apprenticeship", said Rob Gifford, the NRAEF's executive vice president, in a statement.

Some education leaders worry that reducing regulations could lead to programs that lack educational heft or exploit workers.

The president wants students to be able to use federal student aid for a wide variety of "earn while you learn" programs, including apprenticeships, the White House officials said.

He said he really likes the phrase, "Earn while you learn".

The administration is also reportedly considering ways that students could use federal money for these new apprenticeship programs. Amazon (AMZN), which now offers a "career-choice" training program, expects its level of participants to double by the year 2020, according to Dave Clarke, the company's SVP of Worldwide Operations. They typically involve a combination of mentorship while at work and classroom instruction, usually provided by a community college, over one to six years depending on the type of entrepreneurship.

Franchise businesses have apprenticeship and workforce development programs in place and continue to work hard to address an emerging shortage of skilled workers. Together with the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), the NRAEF launched the Hospitality Sector Registered Apprenticeship project. Apprenticeships are available across a variety of disciplines, but are most common in the construction, manufacturing, public administration and transportation industries.

Critics, however, say the announcement doesn't jive with the deep cuts laid out in his proposed budget, which slashes Labor Department funding by 21% and guts training and employment services aimed at getting unemployed Americans back to work.

The EO directs the secretary of labor to propose a regulation that promotes third parties' ability to develop their own apprenticeship guidelines.

Another successful model is the state-run Apprenticeship Carolina program in SC, which serves as an intermediary between businesses, workers and educational institutions. We want to get them signed on the dotted line. "Microsoft, Amazon, Hartford-they all do it, just as thousands of companies are doing it", he says of the existing system.

"It's an issue of his emphasis and his budget being at odds", said Baldwin. "The experiential learning element of apprenticeships is absent from any conversations about apprenticeships-they're overlooking one of the core pedagogical benefits".

America's education systems and workforce development programs are in need of reform. The order will expand money spent for apprenticeship grants to nearly $200 million annually from $90 million, according to the political news website.

Ms. Lake, of Harper College, says she has confidence in the Labor Department to draft rules that will maintain quality standards. In addition, it will expand access to apprenticeship programs to high schools and other entities, and most importantly, will double funding for apprenticeship programs, providing even more opportunities for all Americans to find a fulfilling career. So we're going to let the industry put forth its proposals as to what should make up a high-quality apprenticeship program.

The Obama Administration failed to push these programs with the vigor that President Trump and his administration have shown.



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