Trump faces knife-edge congressional vote — Georgia election

Democrats have suffered narrow defeats in Kansas and Montana this year.

Ossoff and Handel emerged from a crowded field of 18 primary candidates in April, after Ossoff fell just shy of the 50 percent of the vote needed to capture the vacant seat.

A pro-Trump social-media marketer has been flooding Twitter with messages and hashtags in opposition of the Democratic candidate running in Georgia's special House election, Politico reported.

Also, Ossoff supports Obama's awful Iran-nuclear deal, which Handel opposes. "I think getting her elected helps his position and also gives us a stronger Republican Congress".

On Monday, House Majority Kevin McCarthy became the latest GOP leader to join Handel campaigning in the suburban Atlanta district. He added, "Vote now for Karen H". "But this race has taken on sort of an outsized impact because it is the only race that the Democrats seem to be focusing on".

Trump hosted a fundraiser for Handel in April and called her an "incredible" candidate.

Republicans believe the run-off will favour them in an affluent seat they have held since 1979.

If Democrats capture this reliably GOP territory, the Left will scream: "Republicans beware: Trump is political poison!"

"I love this country and I feel like the news, with the Democrats, is trying to make Donald Trump not be able to do what he needs to do", Asper said.

The seat was recently vacated by new Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who was the wealthy district's representative for more than a decade. Republicans are favored to hold a fourth seat up Tuesday in SC, while Democrats already held their lone open seat in a California special election.

Polls open Tuesday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (1100-2300 GMT).

There is another election on Tuesday, in SC, but the Republicans are expected to hold the seat, which was vacated when Mick Mulvaney became Mr Trump's budget director.

It would also be important in two other significant ways: Online, small-dollar fundraising has shattered records so far this year, and an Ossoff win would likely keep that money flowing in.

In April they narrowly defended a deeply conservative Kansas seat vacated when Mr Trump appointed Congressman Mike Pompeo to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.

"Big day tomorrow in Georgia and South Carolina", Trump tweeted, referring to a second state which is holding a special congressional election Tuesday.

If November was the height of political winter for Democrats, the party faithful have been desperately searching ever since for the first signs of spring.

The question is whether these scores of what have historically been reliably GOP voters are separating this race from their distaste for Trump and sticking with Handel - or have been turned off more broadly by the Republican brand under Trump and are willing to back Ossoff.

"The only affiliation we or I have with Karen's campaign is that I live in District 06 and prefer her to Jon", Shelton wrote.

Mr Trump has celebrated his party's previous special election victories.

If they come up short, frustration - tinged with hopelessness - will follow.



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