Trump attorney says president not under federal investigation

An armed police officer mans a cordon on the Seven Sisters Road at Finsbury Park where a vehicle struck pedestrians in London Monday

And one of them is a person who defended the Clinton Foundation.

"This is a political fight and he's going to fight it", said a White House official.

But the sense of chaos around the White House is deepening.

But mostly, as reports about his legal peril multiplied, Trump became increasingly worked up about the Mueller probe.

The President and his allies have declared open season on Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing the probe. A few of Trump's toadies and allies in the conservative media have tried to argue that Mueller is some sort of "deep state" hatchet man, but Trump would need better justification for firing the special counsel than a Newt Gingrich conspiracy theory.

When Wallace pointed out that Sekulow had just admitted the President was under investigation, Sekulow reiterated that he had not been notified of anything.

The scorched-earth approach may have grave political consequences.

Whether Trump himself is under investigation at this stage also is still unclear. Americans don't want to hear that answers to relevant questions are privileged or off limits.

President Trump is now in the grip of this situation.

At worst, it could force the nation to confront a third debate on whether to remove an elected President in just 45 years. "That's the constitutional threshold question here".

Back in the present, the President's mood is fueling the sense of crisis.

Kushner's current attorney said that discussions he had with other lawyers were to seek advice, not to replace his team. "And he's expressing himself in that way".

Mr. Sessions thus came through his testimony reinforced as an early committed soldier and loyalist in the Donald Trump conservative army.

The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee says the panel is looking forward to getting a response from the White House this week as to whether President Donald Trump has tapes of private conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey. As Trump still struggles to acknowledge, the USA intelligence community is fully convinced that Russian Federation carried out an attack on our democracy. Jay Sekulow, a member of the president's legal team, on Sunday still had to repeat he was not literally confirming the investigation. "If you were a target, if you were being investigated, you would be told really quickly into the investigation".

Sekulow was referring to a report in the Post this week that said Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in November's presidential election was now also trying to determine whether Trump obstructed justice.

This message is similar to a tweet President Trump made last Thursday.

"It was 141 characters".

Sekulow, a conservative activist and radio talk-show host, earlier this month joined Trump's legal team, which is led by Marc Kasowitz.

Ten days ago, Trump once again dodged a question as to whether he did, as he hinted, tape conversations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, as he had suggested in a tweet shortly after sacking Comey.

Things got testy as the two sparred over Sekulow's contention that they have not been informed about an obstruction investigation, before Cuomo asked why Sekulow can't simply "make a phone call" and find out if Trump is being looked at. "Ah-hah!" they squealed, Trump has confirmed that he is under investigation.



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