Super Mario Odyssey Co-Op Mode Demoed In New Footage

Super Mario Odyssey is due out exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 27.

The perky plumber's upcoming adventure put on a brilliant display at E3 2017, managing to walk away with our best of show award in the process.

Mario is still able to jump, however, using the bottom face button, and he's also still able to throw Cappy if he needs to, even if another player is in control of the cap. Cappy is invincible, they clarify, so it can protect Mario from enemies without issue. Players will simply have to press Y on the Joy-Con controller to fly around and move independently from Mario. Luckily we got some time to check out two levels in its new playable E3 demo, and one thing stood out clear as day - holy moly this game reminds us of Super Mario Sunshine.

Check out co-op mode for "Super Mario Odyssey" in action around the 4:30 mark.

It's weird, right? With Cappy, Mario can possess and control everything from a Bullet Bill to ... well, a dinosaur. Still, here's one more post about that game, because it's too cool not to share with you.

Unlike previous exploration-based 3D Mario games - the last of which was 2010's Super Mario Galaxy 2 - you're not kicked back out to a hub world once you've solved a puzzle or completed an objective. In addition to playing the game, I found out a ton of details about it. Both players will also have control of the game's camera as well.

Thoughts about co-op mode in Super Mario Odyssey?

Sticking with game dev for the time being, Koizumi was asked how the Odyssey team came up with the game's "possession" mechanic, which sees Mario tap into his inner poltergeist to possess all manner of living creatures (including a T-rex).



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