Steelers sign first-round draft pick TJ Watt

Pittsburgh Steelers sign No. 1 Draft Pick T.J. Watt

"We've got to be able to do that in order to advance defensively, in my opinion".

The Steelers have lost their last four games against the Patriots, including twice last season.

"Coverage and pressure go together", Butler said.

There's plenty of offense to keep up with the Patriots, the defense just needs to be able to slow them down. "These guys nowadays are fast". Die hard followers want to cling to every repetition throughout Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and minicamp, when in reality the season doesn't really start until the players report to training camp.

The Steelers have signed their first-round selection, linebacker T.J. Watt, from the 2017 NFL Draft. It came naturally to me, but at the same time there was so much work behind the scenes that no one ever saw.

"Everybody looks good in shorts", he said.

He added, "Hopefully we represent Pittsburgh and Western a similar way here in a few months". When the Steelers returned to the Super Bowl in 2010, losing to the Packers, they were spared a matchup with the Patriots thanks to the Jets upsetting the AFC's top seed in the divisional round. "I think we have the team to do it and everybody is prepared to do it".

Or the Pats could continue to dominate the Steelers and the rest of the NFL.

Indeed, the Patriots have five championships in the Tom Brady era, including two of the past three.

This season, mixing up coverages and getting bolder and more aggressive might be an answer.

"He's sitting there pumping the ball and we had a lot of opportunities to sack him and we didn't", Butler said regarding Brady.

"You have to be able to do all that".



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