Putin on climate deal: 'Don't worry, be happy'

He reached France after wrapping up his visit to Russian Federation during which he held talks with President Vladimir Putin and attended an worldwide economic forum.

"In all honesty, I myself sometimes thought that the guy was going too far, but it turned out he was right: he found an approach to those groups of the population and those groups of voters he counted on, and they came and voted for him", Putin said.

"They might have read a certain article and if they are in the patriotic mood, then they start making their contributions the way they see it positive towards the Russian image", Putin told reporters, according to an Associated Press translation.

In a light-hearted exchange with United States news anchor Megyn Kelly, Modi refrained from answering a question on Russian interference in American elections, saying that the issue didn't need the perspective of "a lawyer" like him.

"This is a transferral, I repeat, of internal political squabbling in the United States onto the worldwide arena", he said.

Putin told Kelly, in English, "Don't worry, be happy", assuring her that the agreement would take effect in 2021, so there was still "plenty of time to reach an agreement".

Evidence of interference in other elections around the world, most recently in France, have also been traced back to Russian Federation.

Putin has repeatedly denied the U.S. Intelligence Community assessment that he ordered a "multifaceted" influence campaign to "undermine public faith in the USA democratic process" and to "harm [Hillary Clinton's] electability".

He said despite differences on the border issue, there has not been a single bullet fired across it in the last 40 years. "It reminds me of anti-Semitism".

He also pledged to help improve conditions for USA business in Russian Federation.

The contacts have become the focus of an FBI investigation into possible collusion between Moscow and Trump's aides that has most recently centred on Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law.

He started his exchange with Kelly, who was moderating a panel of world leaders, cracking frequent jokes, notably remarking that with Donald Trump axing US participation in the climate change deal, Russian Federation had "American imperialism" to thank for the frosty summer in Moscow and Petersburg. Turning to the crowd, he asked "does someone have a pill", suggesting medication was required to stop Kelly's "hysteria".

Earlier in the forum, Putin spoke to USA businessmen.

Putin repeated calls for bolstering the country's business climate and cleaning up the judiciary, but critics say the Kremlin leader has failed to make good in the past on pledges to make serious changes.



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