NBA Exec Says Jimmy Butler Will Be Traded To Celtics Or Cavaliers

NBA Exec Says Jimmy Butler Will Be Traded To Celtics Or Cavaliers

"One of the sources indicated that Butler would even push his front office to get the deal done, which is a huge change of direction for Butler, who has told both general manager Gar Forman and vice president of basketball operations John Paxson numerous times over the previous year that he didn't want to be traded", added the report.

After the dismissal of the man who made dozens of trades and negotiated contract extensions for all of the key pieces to the Cavaliers' championship run, players in the locker room are now warning Butler, a three-time All-Star, to stay away. Offering a package based around the 2018 pick from the Brooklyn Nets and one of their young players, such as Terry Rozier or Jaylen Brown, might just be enough to get the Bulls to think seriously about jump-starting a rebuild.

The Cavaliers have no picks in the two-round National Basketball Association draft June 22, but that doesn't mean their team will remain as is when the draft concludes.

It might be nice for fans to hear Butler does not want to abandon ship, but as the squad stands now, he is hurting both himself and Chicago.

It's not so much about how the view of the organization has shifted, with instability appearing to be a new defining trait. Whether they're willing to pull the trigger on a deal remains to be seen.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns reportedly are interested in Butler. The Cavs have neither. Obviously Jimmy Butler is a star, I will not deny that, but the Celtics are not going to beat the Cavaliers, or the Warriors, unless they get 3 All Stars, which is very unlikely, but do not rule anything out. That deal included a player option facing the 2019/20, so if Butler's plan to lead the Bulls to the East does not work by that date, he can always choose to cancel his a year ago of a contract and Bet on another way But for now, it looks like his cards are for the Bulls. But the idea that the Cavs would go so far as to secure a third team to formulate a trade proposal that would pique the Bulls interest is something new.

The NBA rumor mill is in overdrive right now, with the Chicago Bulls being among the team most talked about. Butler is signed for three years through 2020 and does not require his contract to be reworked. That being said, this is a deep class that has a lot of talent throughout.



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