Man awarded $870000 after doctor removes wrong testicle

Man awarded $870000 after doctor removes wrong testicle

In Pennsylvania, a man was awarded $870,000 after a doctor removed the wrong testicle.

It is the first medical malpractice verdict in the immediate area in at least 25 years.

He finally had surgery in 2013, but the doctor removed the healthy testicle and left his patient in a much worse condition.

Steven Hanes, a 54-year-old from Mount Union in Pennsylvania, went into surgery in 2013 to have one of his testicles removed, Tech Times reports.

Hanes has not had his right testicle removed although it continues to cause him pain.

When Long performed the surgery at JC Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, he actually removed Hanes' healthy left testicle. "He's had more frequent pain". After years of experiencing chronic pain on his right testicle, Hanes's medical imaging results showed that his right testicle was indeed almost half the size of the other. Long. The 77 year-old urologist is no longer doing surgeries, lawyers said.

Lepisto said that the case was very clear since Dr. He should have noticed for the appearance which was the testicle he had to remove.

After a legal battle, the jury had agreed to award Hanes with a total of $870,000 in damages.

A Pennsylvania jury allowed for Hanes to receive $620,000 in compensatory damages and $250,000 in punitive damages.

"Mr. Hanes is now forced to either live with the painful testicle or undergo treatment that could result in the loss of the remaining testicle, making him reliant on hormone therapy for the rest of his life". He was represented by Attorney Braden Lepisto, who said that this case draws attention to the importance of quality medical care.



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