LG to release flagship G6 with extended memory capacity

LG to release flagship G6 with extended memory capacity

Earlier this month, there were claims that the South Korean tech giant might announce two new variants of its flagship, LG G6. LG also says some countries will also be getting a model with wireless charging. So, yep, the processor must be SD821.

Check out: How to scan documents using Android phone and store them online for easy access. The LG G6 32 GB is the other new variant of the LG G6 that was dubbed as the LG G6 Pro by the rumor mill. The original G6 will be getting two new colour options: Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold, though these will likely be rolled out in limited markets.

We'll leave it up to conjecture why LG didn't simply launch the LG G6 with three different storage configuration. In a somewhat ironic twist, the LG G6+ actually brings nearly all those features together into one model for the Korean market. LG has applied different coating that will make the back panel change hue, depending on light reflection. "Optical Terra Gold" emphasizes mystique in gold color and gentle pink, while "Optical Marine Blue' adds coolness to cool blue color". It will also come in Mystic White which is also available for the original LG G6.

Face Print is a new facial recognition technology to unlock the G6, but works without you having to press any buttons. Your smartphone will detect the motion and recognize your face, even if the screen is turned off.

Low Power Consumption is an always-on mode that leverages hardware and software from Qualcomm and Google to collect data from sensors and networks without consuming a lot of power. Up front, there is a 5MP selfie camera with 100-degree wide angle lens.



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