Labour is ready for another election, Jeremy Corbyn says

The Latest: UK prime minister makes Cabinet appointments

First by Brexit and now through this election.

While her party supported Brexit, Northern Ireland voted to remain in the European Union and many residents have voiced concern about the return of border checkpoints which were removed over a decade ago. But not for some time, let's get this clear.

"We can't go on with a period of great instability" he said, adding that the Labour Party was ready to fight another election campaign.

Gavin Barwell, Mrs May's new chief of staff, received a huge cheer when he was introduced.

This marked an apparent reversal of plans to turf out those considered less than loyal - a sign of her weakened stature in a party that traditionally craves strong leaders.

"It's an issue very close to my heart and one that I wanted categoric assurances from the prime minister on, and I received (them)", said Davidson, who is engaged to be married to her female partner.

Newspaper headlines saw her as just clinging on.

Describing it as a "confidence and supply deal" rather than a coalition, a spokesman for Downing Street said Saturday night the DUP "have agreed to the principles of an outline agreement to support the Conservative Government on a confidence and supply basis when Parliament returns next week".

A deal between the government and the DUP could also unsettle the precarious balance between Northern Ireland's British loyalist and Irish nationalist parties.

The British government doesn't have long to ink a deal. "Discussions will continue next week to work on the details and to reach agreement on arrangements for the new parliament", it said.

Her party is deeply divided over what it wants from Brexit. But it is certain that this general election result will have profound repercussions for Northern Irish politics.

The possible delays come as critics urge cross-party discussions to reach a consensus on Britain's exit from the EU.

Sterling last traded at $1.2756, edging up 0.1 per cent on the day, after sliding 1.7 per cent on Friday, its biggest one-day drop in around eight months.

Separately, British consumers cut their spending for the first time in almost four years last month, figures from credit card firm Visa showed, as households turned more cautious even before last week's shock election result.

But, unlike during the election campaign, when she repeatedly referred to the talks starting on 19 June, she was not specific about the date, suggesting it might slip.

May has shown little public contrition for the electoral gamble that backfired spectacularly, but was forced to accept the resignations of her two top aides - reportedly a requirement by cabinet colleagues for allowing her to stay in office.

"She's then got to present a program to Parliament".

Britain's largely pro-Conservative press questioned whether May could remain in power.

The Sinn Féin leader, who has confirmed his party's elected members will not take their seats in Parliament, called on both the outgoing and incoming Taisoeach to be prepared to act on their expressed concerns over the DUP's pivotal new role in Westminster.

Labour is now six points ahead of the Tories and is polling at 45%, whereas the Conservatives are only on 39%, according to a Survation poll.

Northern Irish writer Caitlin de Jode shares her experience of growing up in a DUP stronghold and what the party could bring to United Kingdom politics. "They want to see government providing that certainty and stability", she said.

The party is seeking support from Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party to stay in power. What's becoming clear, though, is that Mrs May's Tory party is on the brink of another bitter round of infighting over Brexit, with pro-Europeans now feeling they have a chance to change the direction of policy.

The alliance makes some modernizing Conservatives uneasy.

Labour's 30-seat surge came partly from London and other places where support for the European Union exit in last year's referendum was thin.

May announced the Conservatives and the DUP had worked out a working arrangement that would be enough to buoy her government, by giving May a narrow working majority of just two with her own 318 MPs plus the 10 DUP politicians.

"There is rightly anxiety about the DUP's views on abortion and gay rights and these views must not have an impact on government policy".

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