Gov. Bruce Rauner On Minimum Wage, Elected School Board, And Budget Impasse

"The majority needs to do their job", he says.

Not the House. Democrats who are in the majority and who mind-numbingly re-elect House Speaker Michael Madigan as their leader every two years didn't lift a finger to advance a real budget during the five months of the spring session.

State Rep. Carol Ammons, D-Urbana, placed much of the blame for the prolonged budget standoff on Rauner. Republicans have introduced their own plan for the sale.

"Everyone has got to keep telling our story and I really think that's what we're just trying to do is to go up there and tell them our story so they understand the effects that not having a budget really has on school districts".

The throng shouted chants about the governor and House Speaker Michael Madigan such as, "Rauner, Madigan, can't you see, human needs beat corporate greed!" and carried a banner outlining their vision for IL as it wended its way toward the Capitol. It is unclear [AP report] whether Republican Governor Bruce Rauner [official website] will sign the bill. The state has not approved a budget since 2015, about 700 days ago. It calls for registering individuals automatically when they visit one of several state agencies unless they opt out.

IL has been without an annual spending plan since Rauner took office in 2015. They passed automatic voter registration. Now it has the worst rating of all 50 states.

"That's not fair to the taxpayers of IL", he said.

Some protesters were seen being dragged out of the gallery by security staff.

The House approved all three bills under cover of an ongoing budget battle with the the governor.

IL also recently voted to raise its minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next five years.

One lawmaker in the House spoke out during the debate on several bills, expressing her frustration.

State Representative Lou Lang, from Skokie, says even if Democrats do not pass a spending plan in May, it doesn't mean they're abdicating their responsibility. "They did that not to achieve a higher minimum wage, which we could have achieved". The plan also includes a tax credit for businesses with 50 employees or fewer. Democratic Rep. Greg Harris said in reference to the deadline that Democrats will "cross that bridge when we come to it", but with the deadline on Wednesday and no agreement in sight, running over time seems nearly inevitable.

At least the Senate crafted a budget and debated meaningfully, starting in January, the policy issues that impact the state. "Democrats in this state feel it just as passionately as Republicans..."

Rauner, however, did the same thing to Republicans, as Democratic Senate President John Cullerton pointed out. Their property taxes would go through the roof. The Illinois comptroller, who controls the state's checkbook, declared the crisis "unconscionable". Levies dedicated to pension and debt payments were exempted from the freeze.

"Today is a tragic failure to pass a balanced budget along with critical structural changes to protect taxpayers and grow more jobs". IL has among the nation's higher rates.

Rauner did not immediately say whether he would veto or partially veto the legislation.



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