Game on! Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather Fight Is Confirmed

The long-awaited boxing match is going down in August. Graphic illustration by Michael Meredith. /CBS SPORTS

"If the (Mayweather vs McGregor fight) happens, me against Joshua would be a great fight", Miocic said on The MMA Hour back in May.

McGregor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champion, agreed to the fight last month, but negotiations over Mayweather's terms had been considered more hard. McGregor's biggest pay-per-view draw to date drew 1.6 million. "Yes, of course, why not?" The fans wanted to see this fight, it's the most talked about fight on the planet right now. On TV, the match is likely to exceed the record-setting 4.6 million PPV purchases for Mayweather-Pacquiao.

The rules for the fight haven't yet been set, and according to reports, the venue for the fight hasn't been set yet either.

When Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor head to Las Vegas for their much-anticipated boxing pay-per-view bout on August 26, the expectations for a circus atmosphere and straight cash for the participants will be large. The request was for an event to be broadcast on Showtime, which had an exclusive agreement with Mayweather. "He is absolutely, 100 percent positive that he wins this fight".

Leonard Ellerbe, chief executive of Mayweather Promotions, said the boxer's team chose to end his 23-month retirement because the clamor for the 154-pound showdown had been impossible to ignore.

The latest dream to come true for the ex-Irish plumbing apprentice is a mega-money boxing bout against none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. After winning that fight, against Andre Berto, he announced his retirement for a second time. How McGregor can possibly hope to be competitive is the biggest shadow looming over the bout and its ability to sell huge numbers on pay per view.

For Irishman McGregor, who has won titles in various UFC weight divisions, professional boxing is an unknown territory. The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Wednesday approved Mayweather Productions' request for a boxing card on august 26 in Las Vegas. "I think it's going to be a really tough fight for Conor because Floyd has beaten some of the all-time greats like (Manny) Pacquiao".



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