FUZE Code Studio is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018

The portability of the Nintendo Switch also makes this very interesting given that students could work on their projects remotely and bring them into school, which makes the prospect of homework much more fun.

The Switch hit shelves across the world on Friday, March 3, and is selling for £279.99 (around $340). It gives you many needed ports to the new MacBook/MacBook Pro and ChromeBook.

A new programme has been announced for the Nintendo Switch games console that will let users code their own 2D and 3D video games. While the avatars are cool, the Friend List update is incredible news for anyone who felt like they left some people behind when they upgraded to the Nintendo Switch.

If you're still having trouble updating, you can also trigger a manual update from there. This function should also apply to the Switch Pro Controller too. Players will learn to code their own games, and Nintendo is actually giving them full use of the Switch hardware - meaning that you would be able to assign functionality to the Joy-con controllers.

The Switch has its onscreen keyboard, but you will be able to use the USB keyboard accessory that comes with the Switch for better coding.

The 3.0 system software, which is available for download now, adds the ability to pull friends from the Wii U and 3DS friends lists, and enables support for USB keyboards in docked mode.

It wasn't just controllers that benefit from the update.

Added a feature that suggests deletion of software data when insufficient space when downloading other software. To confirm which version of the firmware you're running, head into the system settings menu and look at the update section. Plus, the user icon order on the system home screen can now be altered too, which should be a useful feature for consoles with more than one user account.



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