Elon Musk Going Underground

Boring Company Shuttle

Gaining support of leading political figures, especially from Los Angeles city Mayor Eric Garcetti, would set a high water mark for the upstart company and stimulate laggard cities that might not otherwise be as supportive of the proposed underground transportation network.

Editor's Remarks: Never one to shy away from an ambitious idea, Elon Musk claims that he has had promising conversations with the Mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti, regarding his plans for a network of tunnels underneath the city created to alleviate surface traffic.

From there, the trolley carrying the auto will enter the tunnels and travel to their destination at speeds of up to 200kph. The Boring Company has since been discussed by Musk onstage at a TED conference, given legitimacy by a detailed company website and has even started digging a test tunnel at its headquarters in LA. The serial tech entrepreneur envisions loading docks wherein vehicles would simply pull into the skate, get lowered into the tunnel network, and be sent along a slot car-like track at speeds of 200 km/h ( 124 mph).

Like most of his ideas, Musk's tunneling system has come under harsh criticism from experts, some of whom say it detracts from more practical ways of alleviating congestion, like carpooling or rapid bus transit.

Revealed last month, the first line is to run from LAX to Culver City, followed by Santa Monica and Westwood reducing the trip from 45 minutes to five. But the company will need to secure permits to extend the tunnel beyond the SpaceX property line.

Citizens of Los Angeles, your traffic woes might one day be solved with tunnels.



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