Donald Trump criticises federal government technology as outdated

US President Donald Trump and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation listen as Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon speaks during an American Technology Council roundtable at the White House.

"Together we will unleash the creativity of the private sector to modernize the USA government", said Kushner. The Pentagon has continued to use floppy disks - years after many consumers stopped - to manage its nuclear arsenal.

In May, Trump issued an executive order to establish the American Technology Council to that end.

Chris Liddell, a White House aide who directs the technology effort, said the executives would participate in a series of working groups, concluding with a session with Trump.

The heads of Silicon Valley's largest companies are gathering at the White House today for the inaugural meeting of the new American Technology Council.

"Our goal is to lead a sweeping transformation of the federal government's technology that will deliver dramatically better services to citizens, stronger protection from cyberattacks", said Trump, adding that the possible changes could produce up to $1 trillion in savings over 10 years.

He said the administration was scrapping unneeded cyber compliance rules and should be able to consolidate and eliminate the vast majority of the government's 6,100 data centers and move to a cloud-based storage system.

The aim of the day, laid out in a ten-point document given to attendees in advance, is to help government streamline services and bureaucracy using technological solutions.

Much of the agenda for Monday's meeting involved seeking ways for the Trump administration to adopt best practices from the private sector, including finding opportunities to recruit talented individuals to join the government. Kushner and the Office of American Innovation are looking for input from top minds in the field.

"Many of the companies have refused to confirm their attendance publicly, in a sign of how sensitive their dealings with the Trump administration have become in a liberal Silicon Valley that loathes his policies on issues like immigration and climate change", writes Steven Overly for Politico.

After Akamai CEO Tom Leighton talked about his company's effort to secure government websites, Trump quipped back, "The DNC could have used you". Nu Wexler, a spokesman for Facebook, said this was due to a "scheduling conflict".

While he sometimes spoke publicly as a businessman, and once made a quick cameo in a May interview his wife, Ivanka Trump, gave with CBS This Morning, this was the first on-camera speech Kushner gave as a member of the Trump administration. "This structure is unsustainable", Kushner said.

The tech CEOs are also expected to discuss the Unites States' visa program for high-skilled foreign workers.

For most large tech companies, it's hard if not impossible to sever ties with the White House completely.



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