CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman rattled by baby rattlesnake

The security footage shows Carla out with her dog before her terrifying encounter

Carla Rosso of Calabasas had just gotten out of her jacuzzi and spotted a long, thin object - what she thought was her dog's toy tug rope.

The CCTV clip shows Carla - and her famous white robe - wandering around her back garden after getting out of her hot tub.

But, the incident was caught on her home security camera and her husband posted the video on YouTube.

Firefighters were called in to take the baby rattlesnake away.

Wrapped in a bathrobe, Carla tried to pick up what she thought was her dog Duchess' rope toy.

A California woman got a shocking surprise while trying to clean up and it was all captured on video. She dropped it immediately.

'I can't believe I picked up a snake'. It makes no sense - who picks up a snake?'

"Definitely I'm going to be walking around with a flashlight", Carla said.

On the list of things you sure as hell don't want to be accidentally touching, a rattlesnake is way up there. "Our dog at the vet", Ariel said.