Brexit minister Davis: "No doubt" over Britain leaving EU

Brexit minister Davis:

With divorce talks between the United Kingdom and European Union set to start on Monday, Hammond said in Luxembourg on Friday that he sided with "the majority of people in Britain" who want to prioritize economic security in the negotiations.

Brexit minister David Davis will travel to Brussels to meet Michel Barnier, the EU's chief negotiator, to kick off hugely complex withdrawal negotiations that are expected to last less than two years.

"That has always been our first aim and that is what we will do", the spokesman said.

May has clung on to power since the election but has so far failed to strike an agreement with Northern Ireland's ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party that would allow her to govern.

Monday's negotiations are to open at 11:00am in Brussels (0900 GMT) with 90 minutes of talks between Barnier and Davis, followed by a working lunch between the pair and a press conference.

There had been speculation that talks may be delayed due to the result of last week's General Election which resulted in a hung parliament.

The Conservatives have 317 MPs while the DUP have 10.

Britain's negotiations with the European Union over its exit from the bloc begin on Monday and stand to be complicated by the surprise loss of Prime Minister Theresa May's parliamentary majority in a national election last week.

The move means Theresa May will be able to attend the European Council meeting at the end of next week with Brexit talks already underway.

The event was cancelled in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Britain gave official notification that it would leave the European Union at the end of March, meaning it will leave the bloc, which is its biggest trading partner, in March 2019.

"We've set out the broad principles from where we will start the negotiation and we will negotiate in good faith, but it is a negotiation and we recognize there will be an exchange of views and we will take that forward in a spirit of genuine cooperation", said Hammond.

Addressing her party on Monday after one of its most memorable electoral failures, May said she would take a broader, more consultative approach to the Brexit talks.



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