Bill Cosby's accuser takes stand

Bill Cosby's accuser takes stand

Andrea Constand took the stand on day 2 of the Bill Cosby trial being held in Norristown, Pa. Constand has accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her in his home in 2004.

"I want to be the person that I would like to have if the tables were turned", she said.

The defense contends that there was a consensual romantic relationship between Cosby and Constand, and Agrusa noted that phone records showed that she had called him twice on Valentine's Day, which would have been the month after she said the assault took place.

Agrusa resumed grilling Constand on Wednesday, asserting that Constand's account in court differed from what she told authorities in 2005, giving a different date for the encounter with Cosby than she had originally reported. After taking the pills, Constand testified her vision became blurred and her arms and legs became weak.

Ms Constand acknowledged that she had maintained contact but said that she felt obligated to do so because of her job.

"Her father didn't want her to be humiliated and feel shame and embarrassment as he had seen other women go through when they went to the police at that time". After briefly losing consciousness, she regained it as Cosby was touching her private parts, she testified.

Cosby faces a 10-year prison term if convicted.

"I don't really remember how dim the lights were, but I did have to eat my dinner", Constand said.

After Constand began "seeing double", she realized that her legs were weak, at which point she alleges that Cosby led her to a couch, where she "passed out".

Constand will take the stand again Wednesday.

After Constand told her mother and her mother challenged Cosby, the actor told her the same thing - "that he felt I had an orgasm" - she testified. "And so, I just went along with it".

"He was somebody I trusted, a mentor and somewhat of an older figure to me", she explained to the seven-man, five-woman jury.

At the same time, she said, Cosby became more flirtatious and suggestive - grabbing her thigh during one encounter at his home and attempting to unbutton her trousers in another.

Cosby's defense attorney, Brian McMonagle, staunchly denied all accusations presented against his client on Monday, and presented the case that the claims made about Cosby were patently false.

"I felt that if I had gone to police, Mr. Cosby would retaliate and try to hurt me, that he would try to hurt me and my family in some way", Constand said. "He said put them down".

The defense pointed out there were 72 phone calls between Constand and Cosy after the alleged incident, along with inconsistencies between her testimony and her original statements to investigators.

Asked by the prosecution why she waited to report the incident, Constand replied that she did so due to his status as a trustee, an alumnus and a benefactor of athletics programs.

"I was very confused and disoriented", she said. She also argued Constand misstated the amount of time she and Cosby had been friends. "I began to slur my words and I told Mr. Cosby that I had trouble seeing him and I was seeing two of him", she recalled.

The AP does not typically identify people who say they are sexual assault victims unless they grant permission, which Constand and Johnson have done.



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