Andromeda Will Not Receive Single-Player DLC

Andromeda Will Not Receive Single-Player DLC

The rumor began with a Facebook message from a purported Austrian studio called Sinclair Networks, now deleted but captured by Critical Hit, claiming that its contract with BioWare to create three Andromeda DLCs had been cancelled.

The Mass Effect series' future has been up in the air ever since Electronic Arts chose to restructure Mass Effect: Andromeda developer BioWare Montreal, but now we know that we won't be getting any additional single-player content from the series any time soon.

There were rumors back in May that the series had been put on indefinite hold and Bioware employees transferred to new projects. Unfortunately, he also restated Bioware's continued stance that it isn't now discussing Andromeda's future DLC plans. "For the moment the Mass Effect series will be on ice until BioWare can decide which direction the franchise will go".

Kotaku is reporting that several sources within BioWare have confirmed that there will be no single-player DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda. While that Facebook post turned out to be a hoax, sources are telling Kotaku the gist of the post was correct: Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be getting any single-player DLC.

It's unclear why BioWare has not yet talked about these plans publicly-and the company did not respond to multiple requests for comment over the past two weeks-but this will no doubt come as sad news to Mass Effect fans.

Andromeda Producer Fernando Melo asserted that BioWare crafts its own DLC, and he suggested that Sinclair Networks is not a real company.

More news about "Mass Effect: Andromeda" should be made available soon.

The future for Mass Effect, however, looks dismal.



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