5 people reported dead in Orlando workplace shooting

Several dead in shooting at Orlando business, deputies say

The assailant had allegedly beaten up another employee at the business in 2014, but no charges were filed, the sheriff told reporters. She was very upset on the telephone, saying only, "My boss is dead".

The victims were identified as Robert Snyder, Brenda Motanez-Crespo, Kevin Clark, Jeffrey Roberts, and Kevin Lawson. Demings says most of the victims were shot in the head.

Authorities say John Robert Neumann Jr. shot and killed himself Monday after fatally shooting his ex-co-workers.

The gunman was sacked from Fiamma in April, Demings said.

Paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement and K9 units are on the scene in the parking lot of Gerber Collision and Glass, but is rumored to have occurred at Fiamma, Inc., an awning company, just south of the Gerber facility.

When Todd Bluewater arrived at Forsyth Road for work this morning, he found his business surrounded by sheriff's deputies and blocked off. "When they got there, four hours later, they told me". A friend said, "Kevin was a fantastic, loving person". As they arrived, people came out to greet them with hugs and tears. Authorities were trying to reach the families of each victim before releasing their names.

It's unclear what motivated the attack at Fiamma.

"We have information that at least one of them had a negative relationship with him, but he was certainly singling out the individuals that he shot", Demings said.

He noted that Aaron Alexis, killed in a gunfight with police after he had killed 12 people at Washington Navy Yard in 2013, was well known for his freaky behavior.

Seven people survived the incident and were not shot, Demings said.

Demings told Mayor Teresa Jacobs and Orange County commissioners that an increase is long overdue, and pointed out that agencies including the Orlando Police Department, Winter Park and Apopka police make more money than those in the Sheriff's Office.

Fiamma Inc.is a family-run company more than 70 years old, according to the company's website. Fiamma Awning is six miles away.

It registered in the state of Florida in 1991, according to Florida's corporate records. The business is located in an industrial area northeast of downtown. The attacker was a 45-year-old former disgruntled worker, he said.

"I looked and the lady is green", he said. "She's the sweetest woman in the whole world".

Law enforcement personnel investigate the scene where the scene.

Shelley Adams said her sister, Sheila McIntyre, called her from the company's bathroom during the shooting and kept repeating, "My boss is dead". "Unfortunately, we've seen this scenario play itself out in our community and in other communities across the nation, and it is incumbent upon all of us not to become complacent or become callous to these horrific situations, but for each of our citizens to be vigilant", she says. "God had his hand on her", she said. Adams was at a loss of words as to why someone would shoot up a business.



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