Warning amid fears of further cyber attacks

Investors Turn to Cyber Security Stocks ETFs in Wake of Global'Ransomware Attack

Large swathes of the NHS were paralysed by the cyber attack, which hit 200,000 victims in 150 countries around the world.

Infected computers appear to largely be out-of-date devices that organizations deemed not worth the price of upgrading or, in some cases, machines involved in manufacturing or hospital functions that proved too hard to patch without possibly disrupting crucial operations, security experts said.

Updating your computer if you're an individual is a piece of cake, but for a network the size of Britain's National Health Service?

In China, "hundreds of thousands" of computers at almost 30,000 institutions and organisations were infected by late Saturday, according to Qihoo 360, one of China's largest providers of antivirus software.

Railway stations, mail delivery, gas stations, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls and government services also were reportedly affected.

"NCSC and NCA are working with Europol and other global partners to make sure we all collect the right evidence, which we need to do to make sure we have the right material to find out who has done this and we go after them".

Fallon has insisted that Britain's nuclear deterrent is protected from cyberattacks and the submarines are "safe" as they operate in "isolation" and has dismissed concerns over any virus threat to Trident.

Wainwright said he was concerned that the numbers of those affected would continue to rise when people returned to work on Monday morning.

Ms Rudd said the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) were now part of an "international manhunt" to find the perpetrators. Security experts say this attack should wake up every corporate board room and legislative chamber around the globe.

It threatens to delete files within seven days if no payment is made.

Bitcoin, the world's most-used virtual currency, allows anonymous transactions via heavily encrypted codes.

Europol said Monday that "very few" people have paid the ransom, and security company Bitdefender said the attack has raised just over $51,000.

The "Wannacry" computer virus attack over the weekend was reportedly disseminated with the aid of software developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

The software tools to create the attack were revealed in April among a trove of NSA spy tools that were either leaked or stolen. Use a reputable security software to prevent attacks in the future.

He warned governments against stockpiling such vulnerabilities and said instead they should report them to manufacturers - not sell, store or exploit them, lest they fall into the wrong hands.

"An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the United States military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen".

AP however reported that Microsoft's top lawyer is laying some of the blame for the massive cyber attack at the feet of the U.S government.

"Once a machine is infected it will scan the entire internal network and infect other vulnerable machines".

How can WannaCry and other types of ransomware be avoided? .

Mr Hunt has come under fire for failing to appear in public since the attack, which hit 47 trusts in England and 13 Scottish health boards.

French carmaker Renault was forced to stop production at sites in France, Slovenia and Romania, while FedEx said it was "implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible".



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