US soldier killed, two wounded in fight with Shabaab in Somalia

The US troops came under small arms fire in Somalia

USA servicemembers and Somali soldiers were attacked near Barii, a town about 40 miles west of Somalia's capital Mogadishu, according to the statement.

A member of the U.S. military was killed in Somalia during an anti-extremist operation against extremist group al-Shabab, officials said.

The United States has long contributed small teams of American special operations forces to advise Somali National Army and African Union troops fighting al-Shabab in Somalia.

CNN reported that two other USA service members were also wounded in what it called a small arms attack. President Donald Trump has approved expanded military operations against al-Shabab, including more aggressive airstrikes and considering parts of southern Somalia areas of active hostilities.

The U.S. military has acknowledged the problem.

"Al-Shabab presents a threat to Americans and American interests", said the statement.

USA special forces have been deployed in Somalia for years, training and supporting the Somali military in the fight against the Al-Qaeda aligned Shabaab.

"U.S. forces are assisting partner forces to counter Al-Shabab in Somalia to degrade the Al-Qaeda affiliate's ability to recruit, train and plot external terror attacks throughout the region and in America".



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