Try These Wild Game Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Trump's immigration policies and rhetoric are leaving some Mexican Americans and immigrants feeling at odds with a holiday they already thought was appropriated by beer and liquor companies, event promoters and bars. Graduating with her doctorate, Smith's lovely lady will officially become a family nurse practitioner after earning her final degree on Saturday. One of Trump's key campaign promises was the expansion of a wall on the Mexican/American border, continually claiming that Mexico would pay for it. Flawless for Taco Tuesdays, Tortilla Thursdays, Salsa Saturdays or even Cinco de Mayo, this easy way to throw fiesta is nacho average party (sorry, couldn't help myself)!

"May this Cinco de Mayo remind us all, as Presidents Benito Juarez and Abraham Lincoln foresaw, that strong and successful Mexico is in the interest of the United States, as much as a strong and successful United States is in the interest of Mexico". The song is available now for purchase and streaming. During the Cinco de Mayo reporting period past year, law enforcement investigated four fatal crashes.

Despite the internet backlash that Baylor's Cinco de Mayo party received, Fernandez-Alvarado said people will continue festivities and continue with insensitive celebration.

It's not a celebration of Mexico's independence.

Mexico won the battle, but not the war: Although the Mexican Army won the battle at Puebla on May 5th, 1862 the French went on to win the war, occupying the region for five years.

The Cinco de Mayo Parade begins 11 a.m. Saturday at Colfax Avenue and Welton. When May the 4th is upon us but Cinco De Mayo is the following day.

"I don't like to be so angry or shut people down for celebrating", said Joanna Renteria, a Mexican-American blogger in San Francisco.

Some fun facts about Speedy Gonzalez: the cartoon was created by exactly zero Mexicans, and the character was voiced by exactly zero Mexicans. "It's a great marketing opportunity for Mexican restaurants", Story says.

Some other places may not celebrate at all. That everyone is aware that it exists and I think a lot of that has to do with marketing.

"It's a celebration of the American people actually embracing the Mexican heritage, and that's simply how it should be left", said Roberto Arreola, chairman of the Southwest Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.



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