Trump visit draws country singer Toby Keith to Saudi Arabia

From Riyadh to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Rome, Brussels and Sicily, Donald Trump leaves a swirl of domestic woes behind Friday to embark on a first foreign trip that will be closely watched in capitals the world over.

US President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia this weekend will reinforce the "strategic partnership" between Riyadh and Washington and boost their joint fight against Islamist militants, the kingdom's foreign minister said on Thursday.

It is unlikely that such a procedure would be used, however, for Air Force One, the airplane that serves the president of the United States.

There's essentially no escape from domestic politics for presidents no matter where they are.

Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller waits to go on the air in the White House Briefing Room in Washington, U.S., February 12, 2017. To overcome the diplomatic hurdle of no direct flights, they have to land in Amman, wait several minutes on the tarmac and take off again - with a cleared flight plan.

Now, with the eyes of the world upon him, the president will embark on his big trip carrying the baggage of dire troubles at home. Barack Obama favored Iran, but that's over.

But the real estate magnate will still need to explain to foreign partners how his favorite slogan - "America First" - can be compatible with multilateralism.

Catchphrases aside, many questions remain unanswered. He said Saudi Arabia was not concerned about sharing intelligence with the United States, despite a storm over reports that Trump had discussed intelligence with Russian Federation during a White House meeting last week.

Mr Trump has frequently targeted the country while opposing the landmark nuclear deal struck in 2015, claiming to put Tehran "on notice" following a ballistic missile test in February, with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei responding by calling nationwide protests, where anti-US demonstrators burned flags and shouted "death to America".

A forthcoming major speech in Saudi Arabia by Donald Trump on the need to confront radical Islam is being drafted by an advisor who devised the "Muslim ban" policy which was blocked by the USA courts, according to reports.

King Salman is convening more than 50 Arab and Muslim leaders for the summit in Riyadh on Sunday.

Trump will also meet with leaders of the six nation GCC (the Gulf Cooperation Council) and will share a meal with officials from dozens of Muslim countries.

Finally, the president's trip will wrap up in Europe where his shifting pronouncements on Brexit, NATO and the future of the European Union have sown confusion among longstanding allies.

Trump is scheduled to travel to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican before attending attending the G7 and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Taormina, Italy, and Brussels, respectively. Relations between the United States and the kingdom were rather fraught when the Obama administration was in place. He has since said and done things suggesting maybe.

"When we look at Iran's policy, we don't look at personalities".

Every president going back to Ronald Reagan has started smaller, with their first global journeys taking them to America's neighbors, either Canada or Mexico.

On April 7, one day after a United States decision and a military action in Syria, Trump informed King Salman through a phone call about the limited military operation in the war-torn country and they agreed that it was essential to respond to the chemical attack against innocent civilians. Instead, he has focused on the chaos swirling around his White House.

"It did not work", said Riedel. Everybody wants their side to get what they want.



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