Trump decries Russian Federation probe as 'greatest witch hunt' in United States history

Trump has aired such grievances publicly on a almost weekly basis, arguing that he is being treated unfairly by the news media and by his Democratic opponents.

"I am not on a witch hunt". He did not provide examples or evidence of any alleged "illegal acts".

Mueller, who was named by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to act as special counsel, has a reputation for being a competent straight shooter.

President Trump delivered a full-throated denial on Thursday that he or members of his presidential campaign engaged in any collusion with the Russian government in order to influence the 2016 election. There is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign. Rosenstein's "got the power to do it and you have to accept it and it doesn't matter what we think".

The appointment of Mueller as special counsel came as a welcome surprise to many, including Bernazzani, who used to work for him.

Lawmakers of both parties have sought to question Mr Trump's firing last week of FBI Director James Comey, which was followed by news that Trump had shared secrets with the Russians and tried to stop Comey from investigating former presidential adviser Michael Flynn. The FBI's counterterror mission was elevated in those years, as the US intelligence agencies adjusted to better position America to prevent another attack of such magnitude. He was so valued that President Barack Obama asked him to stay on two years longer than his 10-year term. The memo harshly criticized Comey's handling of an investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails. "Everybody thinks so", Trump said when asked about the appointment.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named special counsel in the investigation, Justice Department officials announced on Wednesday.

First reactions from Congress were mainly positive. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said he thought it was in nobody's interest to impede Mueller's investigation.

Even Republicans who had said they were opposed to the creation of a new investigator signaled support of the move. Sen.

And not a moment too soon, Democrats said. I have confidence that he will conduct a fair and thorough investigation. Cummings has vigorously urged such an appointment, suggesting it could lead to accusations of obstruction of justice.

The language reveals much about how Trump and his backers are explaining the seemingly never-ending blitz of bad news rocking the White House.

Trump has repeatedly slammed the FBI and congressional investigations as a "hoax" and blamed disgruntled officials at intelligence agencies for leaking information related to the probes. During a commencement address Wednesday at the Coast Guard Academy, he complained bitterly about criticism he's faced.

"I am concerned that Director Mueller will still be subject to the supervision of the Trump administration leadership at the Justice Department", House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters Thursday. "You can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. Mueller can request additional resources, make his own calls about where to point the investigation, and in general can operate in some sense more autonomously than an ordinary USA attorney because of the designation 'special counsel.'" Mueller's next step will be to create a budget for the investigation's resources together to be approved by Rosenstein in 60 days. "And the more righteous your fight, the more opposition that you will face". "We want to be careful we don't interfere with any criminal investigations", McCaskill said.

There was no word on what that record might entail, a question many were likely to raise in light of Trump's recent warning to Comey that he had "better hope" there were no tapes of a discussion they'd had.

Trump fired Comey the next day.

Then, on Thursday, Trump again pointed to Rosenstein's "very, very strong letter" as a primary reason for the firing.

By May 10, White House officials had backed off blaming Rosenstein for the firing and the next day, Trump contradicted his own officials and told NBC News that the decision to fire Comey was his alone and that he was thinking of "this Russian Federation thing with Trump" when he made it.

White House officials have not said whether there is a leak investigation going on.

McCabe had other matters on his mind, too. Joe Lieberman, former Oklahoma Gov.

His advice to the president: "Stay disciplined, stay focused and deliver on the world stage". He led the agency under the Bush and Obama administrations, taking the position a week before 9-11.



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