Titanfall Assault is Mobile RTS from Respawn Entertainment

Not'squid though sadly

The game will be coming to Android and iOS, but there's now no word on when that'll be. Respawn, along with its mobile game partner Particle City, have just announced Titanfall Assault for iOS and Android. As it happens, Nexon confirmed that it would soon start a closed beta in order to begin testing the game with a small group of players. Let us know what you think in the comments!

According to Respawn, the game will boast "fluid" real-time strategy, with players needing to combine the use of Titan and Pilot units to try and defeat the enemy.

Although both Respawn and Particle City are remaining quiet about exactly how the game will work, it seems to have some kind of use of card-based gameplay, bringing in the Burn Cards system that fans of the Titanfall series will no doubt find familiar. Interested players can already register for the game on its official website. Hopefully this time around, the companies will be able to release the mobile game to wider audiences after making appropriate changes with the feedback.

The announcement doesn't come as much of a surprise as this is the second go-around at releasing a mobile Titanfall game, after the card-based Titanfall: Frontline was scrapped only a few months after it was revealed. This isn't the first time a Titanfall mobile game is announced, but it might as well be the first to actually made it to App Store and Google Play.



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