Stars pay tribute to Chris Cornell on social media

Soundgarden singer songwriter Chris Cornell dead at 52

Cornell's representative Brian Bumbery called the death "sudden and unexpected" and said his wife and family are in shock. No cause of death was given pending a medical examiner's report.

With Cornell as the lead singer, Kim Thayil as the guitarist and Hiro Yamamoto as the bassist, Soundgarden was a seminal band in the grunge movement, alongside contemporaries Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

The band was due to travel to Columbus, Ohio for the next concert on May 19. So it's incredible that if there were one kind of defining moment in rock music that will always be in the history books, that one of them came from Seattle.

One of the locations where people gathered was the Sound Garden art sculpture at a Seattle park, for which Cornell's band Soundgarden was named.

Rock supergroup Audioslave formed in 2001 and saw Cornell team up with three members of RATM. The band tweeted Wednesday night a quote from Cornell: "What I look forward to the the camaraderie". Cornell had played the song in concert before, but given his untimely death shortly thereafter, it takes on a new poignance. And onstage it was hard to find a performer who pierced the fourth wall of stardom more fiercely than Chris Cornell: Stripped to the waist, his hydra of black curls flying, he crooned and yowled and stalked the stage, a goateed banshee in black jeans. At the time of Cornell's death, the band were said to be busy working on its follow-up. Detroit Police Department spokesman Dontae Freeman stated that the victims wife called a friend of the family who was with him to check his room.

Chris Cornell was a huge part of my teenage years as I was discovering rock music in the mid-1990s.

Cornell's guttural, bruising vocals soar above passionate playing as the Seattle musician delivers one of the best grunge performances, and covers, of all time. Audioslave included former Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford, and produced three albums with some hit singles ("Cochise", "Like A Stone") over six years before disbanding in 2007.

His first solo album, 1999's "Euphoria Morning", was a dark album that was initially supposed to be titled "Euphoria Mourning". The station played non-stop songs from Soundgarden, Cornell's other bands and his solo work, as well as artists who covered Cornell's material and those who were influenced by him.