Special counsel in Russian Federation probe 'hurts country terribly'

Russian Federation has denied U.S. intelligence agencies' conclusion that it interfered in the election campaign to try to tilt the vote in Mr Trump's favour. So poor in fact that I believe, and you'd have to ask him, because I don't like to speak for other people, but I believe that's why the deputy attorney general went out and wrote his very, very strong letter.

She added that Rosenstein declined to provide details about Comey's dismissal because she said Rosenstein is anxious to give wide latitude to former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who Rosenstein appointed as special counsel Wednesday to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 USA election.

He will address House members on Friday. However, a special counsel has less autonomy than a special prosecutor, a role phased out in 1999.

Rosenstein's memo was written after a May 8 meeting between Trump and Rosenstein at the White House. Former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman was seen as the front-runner.

Because it was a closed briefing, it's unclear exactly how Rosenstein described how he knew Trump would fire Comey.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named special counsel in the investigation, Justice Department officials announced on Wednesday.

Did he collude with Russian Federation in his campaign to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton?

"Everybody, even my enemies, have said there is no collusion", he said.

Another answer on that subject seemed both more specific and perhaps ambiguous.

He went on to say, "believe me there's no collusion, Russian Federation is fine.my total priority is the United States of America". He also bemoaned the probe as "the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history".

"He believes the scope of Mueller's investigation is so broad with so many questions in so many areas that may or may not lead to criminal prosecution that there were many things he didn't want to comment on", he said.

Despite the president's furious reaction, some fellow Republicans welcomed Mr Mueller's appointment and expressed hopes it would restore some composure to a capital plunged in chaos. "I think it divides the country". Reports that Comey had written memos of his conversations with the president, including assertions that Trump has sought to tamp down the FBI's investigation emerged this week. Trump himself had already contradicted that explanation, telling interviewers earlier that he had already made a decision to dismiss Comey. In the memo Rosenstein criticized Comey's handling of the high-profile Hillary Clinton email investigation and Comey's decision not to recommend charges in the case.

Trump fired Comey last week.

Sanders said on "This Week" that Congress should complete its review first, which she said she is confident will show that Trump associates had not involvement in Russia's actions.

"I think it's much better to have someone who served a Republican president and a Democratic president, George Bush and Barack Obama as the FBI Director, so well respected look into this", Klobuchar said.

"Mueller can request additional resources, make his own calls about where to point the investigation, and in general can operate in some sense more autonomously than an ordinary USA attorney because of the designation 'special counsel.'" Mueller's next step will be to create a budget for the investigation's resources together to be approved by Rosenstein in 60 days.



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