SNP election success would entitle them to new independence vote, poll finds

Control of council decided by drawing straws

She reminded Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson that it was a Tory administration under the late Ted Heath which decided that "in the wider United Kingdom context, the fishermen must be regarded as expendable" in 1973, when Britain first went into the European Economic Community, as the EU then called itself.

Ms Sturgeon warned the Conservatives to "watch their language" and accused Labour of focusing on independence due to a lack of positive policies after former chancellor Alistair Darling called on the SNP to rule out a second independence referendum while campaigning in Edinburgh.

Scottish Conservative education spokeswoman Liz Smith said Scotland was tumbling down the worldwide education league tables, under the SNP.

WITH THE LATEST GENERAL ELECTION POLLS showing the SNP leading by a substantial margin in Scotland and the Tories in a distant second, political commentary has focused on the seats where a struggle is between the two parties representing the constitutional and economic tensions in the country.

Scottish Labour's general election campaign manager, James Kelly, described Mr Salmond's interview as "car crash" and said it "exposed the reality of the SNP's record in government".

A Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times Scotland found that 52 per cent of voters believe the Ms May should not block a referendum if Ms Sturgeon retains a majority of seats for promising such a vote in her manifesto.

Media commentators are speculating that Eilidh Whiteford and Mike Weir publicly endorsed the fishing pledge in order to help see off challenges from Scottish Conservative Party rivals in the upcoming June 8th snap election.

She said: "It's fine to have a robust debate, that's what democracy and elections are all about, but using language that paints the SNP as something everybody knows we're not, I think, is irresponsible". The Brexit referendum saw 62% of Scottish voters voting to remain in the EU.

"That is what this election is about, backing our Scottish parliament". Polls show that while support for independence stands at around 45 percent, almost half of Scots do not want another vote on secession to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019 - the timetable Sturgeon has proposed.

She contrasted what the Conservatives and SNP have done, saying the SNP is building at least 50,000 new houses while the Tories introduced the Bedroom Tax, and that the SNP is expanding free childcare while the Tories are removing tax credits from working families.

Asked to rate her party's chances of winning the seat, she said: "Pretty good".

She told activists: "An SNP vote will deliver strong voices for Scotland".



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