Senator calls for ejection of Turkish ambassador

Senator calls for ejection of Turkish ambassador

The Turkish president was caught on camera observing the violence yesterday.

Seconds later, other members of the presidential security detail run towards the protesters to confront them.

On Wednesday Turkish Ambassador to the U.S. Serdar Kılıç was summoned to the State Department, a senior State Department official told CNN.

The U.S. State Department voiced concerns Wednesday about the violent confrontation outside the Turkish embassy in Washington the day before that led to 11 people being injured and two arrests.

The calls came as the Trump administration acknowledged it had released two members of Erdogan's detail after holding them briefly after the incident, which took place outside the Turkish ambassador's residence in the USA capital on Tuesday.

Turkey's foreign minister on Thursday called on the Trump administration to replace its envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition - the latest sign of Turkish frustration with the US war strategy in Syria amid mounting tensions between the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

WASHINGTON-Senator John McCain, one of the leading foreign policy voices in Congress, on Thursday urged the expulsion of Turkey's US ambassador after pro-Turkish groups brutally attacked protesters during Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's recent visit to DC. "It is another thing for us, as Americans, to see that exported to the United States", Hamparian said.

"This isn't Turkey. This isn't a third-world country", Sen.

"We should throw their ambassador the hell out of the United States of America", McCain, who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee, told MSNBC. "To send a clear message that these acts of violence will not be tolerated, I ask that you immediately look into this matter and bring all appropriate criminal charges before these individuals leave the United States". We do not do this here.

The incident occurred after Erdogan arrived after a White House meeting with President Trump. Erdogan's security staff moved in to break up an anti-government protest after police refused to make the demonstrators leave a park across the street.

A 26-year-old student claims that a bodyguard of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan choked her and threatened her life in what has been described by Washington's police chief as a "brutal attack" on peaceful protesters. It also fueled the perception that the USA allows Turkey's leader to bring strongman tactics with him when he visits the US capital.

Earlier President Trump and president Erdogan promised to strengthen ties between their two nations, despite the Turkish leader's stern warning about Washington's arming of Kurdish militias.

The statement added that, "Turkey is a key NATO Ally that faces legitimate domestic security concerns emanating from ISIS, PKK, and other designated terrorist organizations".

The YPG is the Syrian branch of the Turkish Kurdish Workers Party, the PKK, a Marxist group that has been trying since 1984 to carve out a separatist state from Turkey.

Turkey's embassy blamed the violence on demonstrators, saying they aggressively provoked Turkish-American citizens gathered to see Erdogan.



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