Seeing red: Samsung to offer software fix for tinted Galaxy S8 displays

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has announced that Galaxy S8 pre-orders have seen a growth of over 30 percent compared to the Galaxy S7 previous year, setting a new record for the company as far as pre-sales go.

Samsung says they are fixing that with a software update. The Galaxy S8 Plus is getting more popular than the base model because a growing number of consumers now prefer a larger display for the use of mobile games and videos.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are the new flagships winning accolades for the new "Infinity Display" feature. The company did not share first-weekend sales figures.

The video noted that the Galaxy S8 was the first smartphone that cracked on all the sides in the first drop exposing users to loose glass and starburst cracks. Besides the half-baked software, some users have also reported problems with screen colour and WiFi connectivity, though the company has promised to issue updates to fix both. This chipset will definitely make this smartphone a powered pack one, this smartphone ( Samsung galaxy s9 ) will be definitely become the fastest smartphone in the market.

Square Trade found the Galaxy S8 to be less durable than the S7.

The S8s passed Consumer Reports' dunk test, validating Samsung's claim that the phones could withstand 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Samsung refrained from providing any hard numbers, and I've asked whether preorders for the recalled Galaxy Note 7 are being factored into this new record. That being said, the S8's spring launch will give them an opportunity to woo consumers before Apple's next phone hits the market. Despite having serious battery explosion issues, die-hard Samsung fans and Note 7 owners were extremely sad to let it go.



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