Putin congratulates new French president in call

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Merkel said: "From a German point of view, it is possible to change treaties if it makes sense in order to strengthen the eurozone".

Macron meets Merkel on first official visit as French PresidentIn Berlin, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed France's new President Emmanuel Macron, one day after his inauguration.

Meanwhile, tensions have arisen over Macron's policies toward media access, recalling similar conflicts over coverage of Donald Trump's presidency in the U.S.

Germany is looking to Mr Macron to revitalise France as an economic power and political heavyweight in the European Union, which is facing complex divorce proceedings with its current number two economy, Britain.

The German chancellor said she been "irked" ever since the signing of the Lisbon treaty by those who had written off treaty change: "The entire world is changing and we declare that we have exhausted ourselves once and that's it for our entire lifetime", she said.

"I am happy that we can work together on a common roadmap for the European Union and the eurozone", he said.

With that in mind, commenting on the Macron-Merkel meeting, a Guardian article has even called their statements on reforms "a painful blow to British politicians and diplomats". Center-right Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, whom Macron tapped named Monday, is to lead the government at least until the elections.

Macron wants to create a common Euro zone budget, parliament and finance minister. For me, it will no longer be the case.

Macron addressed a source of German concern by saying that he had "never defended [the idea of] Eurobonds or the mutualisation of existing debt in the eurozone" because it would make some countries less responsible.

Mr Macron is also hoping to reform France's economy, he promised Ms Merkel he would implement the changes to bolster its position in the EU.

As a candidate, Mr Macron called for a "new Franco-German deal" that would involve "much more structured co-operation" on investment, on European border security and on defence.

"Both of us represent the interests of their country but Germany's interests are closely tied to France's interests".

He sought on Monday to show solidarity with Germany on the migrant crisis - an issue on which Merkel has pressed for European Union countries to work together - by saying that a common asylum policy was one area where Paris could cooperate with Berlin.

"We need a less bureaucratized Europe that would be able to better protect its citizens", Macron said.

It's a delicate balancing act, as Macron tries to redesign French politics by borrowing ministers from left and right and new faces.

But the proposals sent alarm bells ringing in Berlin, and initial relief about his victory against far-right leader Marine Le Pen had quickly given way to fears about his reform plans.

Mr Macron is the conservative Mrs Merkel's fourth French president in almost 12 years as chancellor.



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