OnePlus 5 Specs, Rumors, Updates: What We Know So Far

The EXIF data reveals the device with model no A5000 which indicates that the device is OnePlus 5 as the model no of OnePlus 3 is A3000. Furthermore, some of the purported specs of the OnePlus 5 have been shared many times over the Internet.

A new report from TrueTech features the leaked pictures in question, and aside from looking quite spectacular, these images may be saying something else worth noting about the smartphone. Just yesterday, four camera shots which are touted to be taken from the camera on the OnePlus 5 surfaced online.

Still, there is no guarantee that the images were indeed taken with the OnePlus 5, though it is interesting that these possible new clues are again pointing to the smartphone potentially featuring a dual-lens setup within its rear camera.

The OnePlus brand has been known as the "flagship killer".

OnePlus will nearly certainly stick to its tried and tested approach to phones - big specs, mid-range pricing - for the OnePlus 5 and we know the firm is testing the phone right now under the codename A5000. Smartphone camera sensors, due to their sizes, have difficulties in rendering bokeh compared to a larger camera.

There is no official word on when we can expect OnePlus to launch the OnePlus 5. Trusted Reviews stressed that the EXIF data on photographs can easily be manipulated so there remains the possibility that the said OnePlus 5 photos are fake or at least misleading. As for the display, the 5.5-inch AMOLED panel will have a resolution of 1440x2560pixels.

Almost a year has passed since the OnePlus 3 was introduced, and even though it received an unexpected mid-cycle refresh in the form of the OnePlus 3T, consumers are expecting a new flagship killer to be announced soon. OnePlus 5 has been subject to numerous leaks in recent weeks.



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