NKorea vows to strengthen nukes as US increases pressure

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"Nuclear North Korea is a cause of concern for the global community and Russian Federation is also concerned as this country borders it and we can not but be puzzled when they develop their missile technologies and nuclear potential, this concerns us", TASS quoted Patrushev as saying.

North Korea's deputy United Nations envoy said on Friday "it is ridiculous" to link Pyongyang with the WannaCry "ransomware" cyber attack that started to sweep around the globe a week ago or the hacking of a UN expert monitoring sanctions violations.

"As everybody knows, the Americans have gestured (toward) dialogue". Its ambassador to China said in Beijing on Monday it would continue such test launches "any time, any place".Trump and new South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet in Washington next month, with North Korea expected to be high on the agenda, the South's presidential Blue House said.

Speaking from the Pentagon, Mr Mattis said Washington is working internationally to find a diplomatic solution. Pyongyang is threatening a sixth nuclear test.

"If this goes to a military solution it is going to be tragic on an unbelievable scale, and so our effort is to work with the United Nations, work with China, work with Japan, work with South Korea to try to find a way out of this situation", Mattis said at a news conference.

Kim said the launch showed the "highly developed stage of science and technology in the field of national defence attained by the DPRK" which he said is "of great and special significance" in ensuring peace on the Korean Peninsula and in the region.

"You either support North Korea, or you support us", Haley said.

"Therefore, the urgent issue to be settled on Korean Peninsula is to put a definite end to the USA hostile policy towards DPRK, the root cause of all problems".

Kim accused the council of playing "to the tune of the US again" and protested the Trump administration's demand for countries to choose allegiance between the United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, his country's official name.

The UN Security Council first imposed sanctions on North Korea in 2006 and has strengthened the measures in response to the country's five nuclear tests and two long-range rocket launches.



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