Nintendo Direct Details ARMS Characters, Features, Battle Modes

Nintendo Direct Details ARMS Characters, Features, Battle Modes

Well, now that hook will seem a heck of a lot more appealing with the announcement that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. You can check out the minute-long trailer below, showcasing some of the different attacks and abilities that will be available in the game, along with some of the monsters and enemies you'll face off against.

When the Nintendo Switch first launched, the colors of the Joy-Cons available were either a grey, or a neon red or neon blue finish.

The Direct revealed the rest of the 10 character roster. The Nintendo Pro Controller will work just as well, as mentioned here.

In North America it appears the game will be sold in all the usual places, including Amazon of course.

To know the whole Nintendo Direct video, you can watch the video at ARMS direct. ARMS is a kind of game where you have to use punches, throws, and blocks to knock out your contender. Then there are 2-on-2 team fights where two fighters are bound by a string. These modes will allow up to 20 players in the same lobby. Players will be knocking some explosive balls into their opponent's court. We'll be reporting on all the news from the press events that week, as well as bringing you previews from the show floor. Thanks to a partnership with Blizzard, the game will be exclusively tied to, and offer players a number of exclusive technical features such as an uncapped framerate and 4K support. But even if you don't get a new type of arm, the duplicate arm you get will be stronger than the original.

The single-player mode 1-on-100 is a time trial where you have to take down 100 enemies as fast as possible. In addition, the new Local Wireless mode will let eight players connect their Nintendo Switch consoles together and battle in a three-player match. There's also a Ranked Match where your rank keeps rising or falling depending on whether you win or lose fights.



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