Nicola Sturgeon hails 'emphatic' SNP election results

Nicola Sturgeon hails 'emphatic' SNP election results

THE SNP in North Ayrshire have said that they are open to a coalition with Labour, following the vote that saw North Ayrshire Council hung.

Labour has lost control of Glasgow for the first time in almost 40 years.

"There were a lot of people who voted for us for the very first time and what I would say is that every single Conservative councillor who has been elected across Scotland will absolutely work so hard to put local services first and not drag us back to any more constitutional division". Labour was delighted by its result in East Lothian, one of its few target seats in June, and Tory hopes of winning rural seats were buoyed by strong results in Stirling, the Borders and the north-east.

Labour needed all 43 of its candidates to win in order to maintain overall control.

It also lost Welsh councils Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil to independents, as well as Bridgend. Under Jeremy Corbyn, it's a different picture.

He added that "losing any seats and candidates in Glasgow is disappointing for us", but said it is too early to tell if the SNP will win a majority.

Labour, which had been in power in the city since 1980, dropped from 41 seats to 31 as the Conservatives jumped from one to eight.

The local election results will give a good indication of how tactical voters are willing to be to stop the SNP and their independence agenda.

Should the results continue in this pattern, it may signal a dramatic upturn in fortune for the Conservatives in Scotland ahead of the general election on June 8, in no small part due to the influence of Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson - who has ruled herself out of running for Westminster office. The youngster has failed to make his mark since getting elected and the Tories won in the same area at the Holyrood elections past year. For example there is much talk of Angus Robertson being under threat in his Moray seat, largely because that was the area of Scotland that came closest to backing Brexit.

And much as the Tories would love to take the scalp of the SNP's deputy leader, the SNP don't want to lose him.

Sole Liberal Democrat councillor Margot Clark lost her seat in the Linn ward, where Labour also lost a seat and the Tories and SNP both gained one each.

Councillor Karen Marjoram stepped in as interim leader after the shock defeat of Neale Hanvey, and her first role will be to meet with her newly elected team of councillors tomorrow before planning their next moves.

Labour lost over 100 councillors, but held on to councils in Cardiff and Swansea.



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