New York driver suspect Richard Rojas was 'hearing voices'

Alyssa Elsman, an 18-year-old resident of Portage, Michigan, who was visiting the city, was killed.

Rojas was arrested on scene after he was driving speedily to strike dozens of pedestrians in New York City's Times Square on Thursday, killing one and injuring 22 more.

Parts of his auto flew off as he struck people and objects, and at one point he drove under scaffolding on the sidewalk, he said.

Killed was Alyssa Elsman, an 18-year-old girl from MI and her 13-year-old sister was among the 22 injured, four of them critically.

Police identify the driver of the vehicle as Richard Rojas, a Navy veteran from the Bronx.

Moments after barreling his auto through the crowded sidewalks in Manhattan's Times Square, Richard Rojas told a traffic agent, "I wanted to kill them all", according to a criminal complaint. He did not enter a plea and was held without bail.

"I felt so bad. standing there", not being able to do anything more to help, she said.

Detectives on Friday searched Rojas' Bronx home for evidence, at one point removing what appeared to be a rug wrapped in opaque plastic.

One person was killed: Ava's sister, Alyssa, who was 18.

Richard Rojas, 26, also said he had smoked marijuana laced with PCP sometime before making a U-turn onto the sidewalks of the square and plowing straight ahead into tourists, according to a criminal complaint. Four of the injured are in critical condition; three are in serious condition.

Annie Donahey, who witnessed Thursday's deadly crash, told ABC News, "I was walking toward the subway station and the sidewalk that I was on was super crowded".

When Long went outside, she saw at least six people lying on the ground, including a woman lying face-down with blood pouring from her head.

PCP, or phencyclidine, can cause users to become delusional, violent or suicidal, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center.

Rojas is a Navy veteran and was captured at the scene and arrested.

He was discharged from the US Navy following disciplinary problems and has a history of drink-driving charges.

Aubrey said, "We are still going through the vehicle, but at this time there is nothing that we found in the vehicle that would be out of the ordinary". The arresting officer said Rojas screamed, "My life is over!" as he was being detained.

And Rojas has two prior DWI arrests and even reportedly attacked someone with a knife, so he's had brushes with the law before. Rojas was charged at the time with misdemeanor battery and resisting an officer without violence, but it was unclear how the case was resolved. According to the Associated Press, Navy records show that in 2013 he spent two months in a naval prison in Charleston, South Carolina, though the reason is not known.



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