New Stills of Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman

Wow Earlier in the day Amber posted

After reports about Aquaman Jason Momoa joining the crew in Australia last month made headlines, James Wan has confirmed that Mera actress Amber Heard has joined the crew and started shooting for her role as well. The costume design looks truly aesthetic and is colorful compared to Mera's attire in Justice League. However, that changed when Wan and Amber Heard, actor behind the character, images on Twitter.

He recently posted a colourful new picture of Aquaman's wife Mera, played by Drive Angry's Amber Heard, on set in her costume. Wan captioned the photo (via Twitter), "Lady Mera swept in from the sea". Heroic Hollywood revealed that the Aquaman actress took a cheat day on her training on her birthday. For those unaware, Boland was the set photographer for The Matrix Trilogy. Fans can check out his portfolio here.

We've seen her Mera before, but only as she'll appear in Justice League - which means that we haven't really seen her, since Zack Snyder's grim color palette preferences drained all the vivid green from her suit. Pictures' and DC Films action adventure Aquaman.

Aquaman will premiere in theaters in 2018.

The flick is scheduled to release on November 17.

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