Mexico "welcomes" Trump plans to revamp NAFTA

Ildefonso Guajardo gestures during a news conference in Mexico City Mexico

The United States has officially indicated its desire to renegotiate the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement, triggering a 90-day consultation window before formal talks begin.

Robert Lighthizer, a longtime Washington lawyer and former US trade official, on Tuesday briefed the Senate Finance Committee on efforts to begin talks on overhauling Nafta.

Ricketts says bilateral trade with the country has helped grow agriculture.

The letter, which Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has said he's been waiting for, would open a 90-day window for the get its negotiating strategy together.

Farm state senators said they also warned Ross and Lighthizer not to take actions that would damage agricultural exports to Canada and Mexico.

"We made it pretty clear that's a priority, that we don't want to see ag hurt", said Senator John Thune, a South Dakota Republican.

The American Apparel & Footwear Association, National Retail Federation, RILA and United States Fashion Industry Association urged the USTR to ensure "renegotiation will "do no harm" to the successful supply chains that we rely on today".

The Senate late last week confirmed Lighthizer to the post of trade representative.

The US Senate confirmed Robert Lighthizer to serve as the next United States Trade Representative (USTR), approving the global trade lawyer's nomination with a final vote of 82-14.

"There was a moment where the probability, or the perception that NAFTA would end, was very strong", Garcia said in an interview in Mexico City.

NAFTA is a multi-layer free trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico that came into effect in 1994.

She reiterated the government's key message on NAFTA - that it is in fact a good deal for all parties, including the US, where nine million American jobs are dependent on it.

Before and after the governor's news conference, the Mexican trade group spoke with farmers and politicians during a series of meetings in Nebraska, including a roundtable conversation at the Farmers Cooperative in Dorchester. "The reopening of Nafta could be good, but we don't know", said Congresswoman Debbie Dingell of MI.

President Donald Trump in April announced he was planning to pull out of NAFTA, though he hours later changed his mind in favor of renegotiating the agreement, citing conversations with Mexican and Canadian leaders.

Vasante says just last week, Mexican officials were in South America talking about importing corn from Brazil.

Lighthizer is expected to meet with congressional committees this week to discuss "a second draft" of the administration's notification of its intent to launch negotiations on NAFTA.