Melissa McCarthy Hosts 'Saturday Night Live'

SNL Fans Are Super Worried About Sean Spicer's Career

After a few trademark violent "Spicy" outbursts, the press secretary took up the defense of President Donald Trump against accusations that he fired FBI Director James Comey in an effort to obstruct the investigation into Trump's ties to Russian Federation.

The Post initially described the scenario as Spicer standing "in the bushes" but later issued a clarification stating he was "among the bushes".

With the obvious joke covered, the sketch then addressed media reports speculating that Sanders would soon be taking over Spicer's position.

And upon being informed of reports that Trump might fire him, Spicer embarks on his podium to NY and then New Jersey, where he finds Trump at his golf course.

Haunted by fears he will be replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the faux Spicer seeks out Trump and asks "Have you ever told me to say things that aren't true?" "Sarah's out", the faux press secretary declared.

But what separates this sketch from the others is one simple question from a reporter: "Were you surprised he fired Comey before he fired you?" "A little bit of sugar", Trump says while tickling Spicer. So, with Melissa as this week's host, we knew Saturday Night Live would be good - and it did not disappoint. "Because he told us so, period". She then proceeded to unpack the doll saying, "Here's Trump". He went through the inner dolls - a dog symbolizing Comey, a villain symbolizing Hillary Clinton, Slimer symbolizing Steve Bannon, and an Easter Bunny symbolizing Jess Sessions.

Later in the briefing a reporter asked if Spicer was surprised that he was sacked before Comey was. Spicer confronts Trump about his potential firing, but the two end up literally making out. "Kiss me", Trump replies.

"Trump is innocent", McCarthy's Spicer proclaims about the president's connection to Russian Federation. Numerous passersby caught video of McCarthy rolling down 58th Street outside the Time Warner Center in the motorized podium that has been used in her previous Spicer sketches.

"Sean, kiss me", Baldwin said.

"I know this is where you really live!" at no one in particular.