Melissa McCarthy, as Sean Spicer, rides motorized podium on midtown Manhattan streets

McCarthy in costume as Spicer is seen in a promo for this week’s “Saturday Night Live.”

No disrespect to Alec Baldwin, but it's Melissa McCarthy's broad, blistering, spot-on impersonation of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer that's "winning" Saturday Night Live this season.

The first was a video of the actress dancing to "I Feel Pretty" as she transforms from dress wearing actress into the press secretary. Melissa McCarthy is hosting this week, and it looks like the show made a decision to up the ante on her very amusing and very popular Sean Spicer impersonation.

The actress regularly spoofs Spicer on Saturday Night Live, and is hosting the show this weekend.

"With one performance, Sean Spicer no longer controls how people perceive him", wrote Vulture's Jesse David Fox in February. Image via YouTube.comPress secretary Sean Spicer will again be object of satire - with video evidence coming from the streets of NY, where McCarthy-as-Spicer was seen driving her motorized lectern.

Let's just say it's a good week for McCarthy to be appearing on the show. Because I came out here to punch you!

She was found wheeling down Midtown in her Spicer costume, specifically, and fans are left wondering exactly what the upcoming episode will entail.

This is 58th Street, and that is Melissa McCarthy, decked out in full Sean Spicer regalia, riding the podium like a giant segway to her final destination.

Melissa McCarthy is taking her "Saturday Night Live" character on the road - literally.

McCarthy hosts "SNL" this Saturday, May 13.

If all of this hype seems somewhat over-the-top for an otherwise regular episode of SNL, that's because it is.

It's unclear what the skit covers, but McCarthy already poked fun at Spicer reportedly hiding in the bushes for this week's promo.



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