Media Titan Roger Ailes, Dead At 77

Fox Founder and Ex-chairman Roger Ailes has died

Mr O'Reilly has denied those accusations.

Ailes, who died at age 77 on Thursday, created Fox News in 1996 and ruled there until he was forced out last summer due to sexual harassment allegations. It was Ailes work and leadership that helped Fox News account for $1 billion in annual profit for 21st Century Fox, a key component of media mogul Rupert Murdoch's vast empire News Corp.

FOLKENFLIK: Ailes called Fox fair and balanced and said the other news outlets weren't. The cause of death was not divulged.

The very nature of sexual harassment and discrimination cases - which often play out in private conversations or closed-door sessions that don't have other witnesses - makes it especially hard for defendants in the case of an accused's death.

According to a Palm Beach police report, a caller contacted 911 dispatchers just before 2 p.m. on May 10, saying Ailes had fallen in his bathroom, hit his head and had serious bleeding.

Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against Fox Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, alleging sexual harassment.

Sherman: Without question. I mean, this was again one of Ailes' unique insights. He was taken to a hospital by attending paramedics, the Palm Beach Police Department said.

A Fox News spokeswoman referred Bloomberg BNA to a spokesman for its parent company, 21st Century Fox, who didn't immediately respond to Bloomberg BNA's request for comment about the effect of Ailes' death on pending lawsuits. Over the next 20 years Ailes would create a massive ratings juggernaut that continues to dominate the airwaves. In addition, Ailes owns four other properties in Cresskill, New Jersey and Garrison, New York. President Donald Trump fueled his candidacy by ridiculing oversensitivity but can not stop complaining about how unfair everyone is to him. Indeed, Ailes was representative of the Fox News's core demographic: old, white, conservative men who are now dying out. It was a preview of his Fox News credo that political correctness was to be shunned in favor of blunt, sometimes insensitive coverage of touchy issues. He later went to Washington to work as a media guru for Richard Nixon and then to NY to start Fox News.

Roger Ailes attends a special screening of
Roger Ailes attends a special screening of"Kingsman The Secret Service in New York

"The GOP has long had a problem speaking to people beyond the board room and country club - Roger changed that". He was a genius'.

DAVID FOLKENFLIK, BYLINE: Heartfelt tributes poured in for Roger Ailes on the Fox News Channel throughout the day. Not sure I would have been President w/o his great talent, loyal help.

Before Carlson's bombshell legal action, Fox's roaring success and enormous earnings (with some estimates that it accounted for almost a quarter of the parent company's profits) insulated Ailes from any suspicion as well as from his past scrapes with the Murdoch sons over whom he would report to.

Ailes's career neatly spans the rise and fall of broadcast journalism as the most important medium of political influence.

Friends asked me if I regretted retiring in 2015 and not being around to write about the 2016 presidential election. "RIP", Ingraham wrote on Twitter.

"He has dramatically and forever changed the political and the media landscape singlehandedly for the better", Hannity tweeted on Thursday.

Fox News has one of the oldest audiences in television and young conservatives are becoming more used to finding their news online.



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