Livingston library system prepares for summer of reading

Livingston library system prepares for summer of reading

Registration, May 30 to June 3; program begins June 4.

The Library will host a kick-off event for the Summer Reading Program at the Sacramento River Cats game on Friday, May 26. Studies show that kids that participate in an organized Summer Reading Program read significantly more than kids that do not participate in a program. After you sign up, you can complete the appropriate reading log and return it to the library for prizes.

"We have moved away from programs that require people to meet at a particular time and toward passive programming that allows people to participate in their own time", said Sanchez.

Being part of the Summer Reading Program is easy. See a library brochure or website for more details.

Librarian Mary Jo Mack says the summer reading program gets underway Monday and runs through July 7th. I am personally very excited for this year's adult program. Sign-ups start May 30 at the library, but the event will take place at the Rec Center, on the corner of State and Main, every Wednesday morning, 10:15 to 11:15 a.m., starting June 7, and running through July 19. Those completing the program earn entries to the end-of-summer grand-prize raffle.

A special program is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14. For elementary aged students, we have various educational kits, as well as fun items for school, and the final prize will be a free book and a chance to win a pizza and board game party at the Library for up to 10 friends!

Also, the Anime Club Presents: Japanese Art, where attendees learn to make incredible art using Japanese techniques; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; Edible Animation; and Paperscapes, where custom paperscape lanterns that work are created.

Campbell said in addition to the programs at the library branches, library staff will do outreach programs during the summer.

Registration will be from May 20 to July 22, with events planned at the library all summer long.



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