Kansas lawmakers wrestle with tax, school funding issues

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While the American Health Care Act passed the lower chamber by a razor-thin margin on May 4, a procedural quirk could force another vote on the bill before it is sent to the Senate, according to Bloomberg's Billy House.

The other bill would give people making more money, like himself, a tax break they don't need, and "the trickle down theory" that such breaks benefit the overall economy has been shown not to work, he said. At least eight Senate Democrats will be required to join Republicans in approving the bill in that case.

The West Virginia House Finance Committee rewrote and advanced its own version of a state revenue bill Thursday, eliminating a sales tax increase and an income tax reduction passed by the Senate.

Denning said a surcharge would create a stable source of funding for schools.

"When we have a dip in a recession, a decline in oil and gas, a decline in agriculture, everything comes apart at the seams", he told the committee.

Motor towing, mini-warehouses and self-storage, collection agencies, private investigators, security guards and nonveterinary pet care now don't collect sales tax.

"You can see all over the country, there are 23 states that are in budgetary issues, and a lot of it's related to the third leg of their stool".

Landscaping services, for example, would become subject to the sales tax under the proposed bill.

Senate Bill 1007 has been sent to the House of Delegates for consideration. However, he said this plan would have unintended consequences. Ashley Jones-Wisner said the sales tax on food disproportionately impacts lower-income Kansans and can cause them to choose less healthy options in the grocery store. And it will include "equalization" formulas to subsidize the local option budgets and other local mill levies for districts that have less property wealth to tax than other districts have.

Denning said the Senate bill also will prohibit local units of government from waiving the 20-mill property tax levy for schools when special financing tools - such as industrial revenue bonds - are used for economic development.

The Senate budget also allows a "fair share" assessment on businesses to help offset rising state Medicaid costs. But Sen. José Menéndez, a Democrat also from San Antonio, attached an amendment to the bill so that it does not affect an agreement between San Antonio and Converse for annexation of that area.

As of Wednesday evening, however, the bill was still being drafted and had not yet been assigned a Senate bill number. "I'll vote in favor of the bill, but I don't think it goes far enough".

"You vote as you choose", he said. My second is to have a tobacco tax.

They also said their plan would close the deficit - if a recent increase in oil production holds steady.

If, as expected, the Senate rejects the proposal, House conferees would likely offer "something to the right" of the tax bill defeated last week, Johnson says, meaning something that makes more modest changes, lessening the likelihood of a veto.

The bill set the consumer sales tax at 6.95 percent, reduces personal income tax by 15 percent starting January 1, works to phase out the personal income tax if certain conditions are met, and increases the corporate net income tax by 0.5 percent.

Another provision would have prohibited insurance companies from raising how much they reimburse physician practices specifically because a hospital buys the practice.



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