Jane Goodall won't monkey around: Ivanka Trump can do 'terrible harm'

Ivanka Trump

Women Who Work was released on May 2.

Trump has already said her book "is a personal project" and chose not to do a promotional book tour so as not to violate ethics rules, CNN reported.

The agency's Office of Global Women's Issues used its official Twitter account to retweet a Trump post showing her sister Tiffany Trump and sister-in-law Lara Trump reading "Women Who Work", ABC News reported.

Federal ethics rules are created to guard against this type of shameless promotion of private business.

President Trump and his administration have faced scrutiny over the Trump family's relationship to its businesses during his presidency - from the use of the president's club Mar-a-Lago for government business to senior adviser Kellyanne Conway's promotion of Ivanka Trump's line of clothing on a morning television show.

"It's a hard distinction", Richard Painter, a White House ethics lawyer under George W. Bush, told me - meaning a hard distinction to make, given the weirdly multiple roles being played by everyone inside the White House at all times. Women Who Work is littered with quotes from women in power, and the liberal inclusion of these quotes is meant to be motivational and aspirational.

Alicia Silverstone

But where does that leave Ivanka?

"When you contrast that message to the reality for most women, both in terms of their wages and structural powers in the workplace. there is a serious disconnect".

But now Ivanka's father is president and the self-described multi-tasking mom has assumed a post in the White House.

However, according to New York Times, some of the people now feel uncomfortable about being included in the book. And, as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has noted, Trump is providing "input on a variety of areas that she has deep compassion and concerns about, especially women in the workforce and empowering women". "And because Ivanka alone can fix our problems, she opens her book with a pasture full of straw men, including the argument that our culture isn't having nuanced conversations about working mothers".

"Some are calling it tone-deaf, vapid", she added. "The timing was not driven by her schedule, and she has not spoken about her book in a media interview, period". When she finished speaking, her father remained completely impassive. When Ivanka heard it, she was abundantly upset. There are legitimate concerns that foreign diplomats will patronize Trump businesses overseas in an effort to "indirectly lobby" the President, and witnessing our diplomatic corps openly peddle the Trump brand does little to quell these fears.

In other contexts, she hasn't been quite as circumspect. Do you support or oppose them?



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