Here's why LaVar Ball was so upset with Kristine Leahy

Bad luck for the Suns or is the NBA Draft Lottery rigged

The father of Lonzo Ball, the former UCLA star and projected top-three National Basketball Association pick, went on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" on Fox Sports and got into a heated exchange with co-host Kristine Leahy.

Ball replied: "Uh, yeah, if you have a women's company. Don't even talk to me". "Triple Bs, billion, billion, billion".

You think I'm playin'? Triple Bs - billion, billion, billion", he said, adding: "That's the only way they going to come at me. I'm already in the building. He told her to "leave me alone".

How did Ball respond? Ball scoffed at the idea. News flash LaVar, if you alienate and disrespect large groups of people, those people will not buy your (overpriced) products and that is not good for your company. "But we talking about Big Baller Brand".

Ball then snapped back again, "yeah, if you have a women's company".

Ball's response, without looking at Leahy, who was stationed on the other side of the studio: "Stay in your lane".

"Ball: "I never disrespect women, but if you act like that (referring to Leahy's criticism of Big Baller Brand), guess what, something's coming to you".

After the LA Lakers secured the second overall pick in the draft, LaVar Ball started to make his rounds on Wednesday, mainly on Fox Sports 1. "He can play any position but his true position is point guard and Boston has so many guards, you don't need that guy", he said.

What was originally supposed to be a conversation about shoes and Lonzo Ball's draft destination, a future that appears to have Ball's preferred Los Angeles Lakers on the horizon, the conversation turned into the LaVar Ball show. I'm always going to be his dad.



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